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Thread: [Feature Request] Include sql error text when error occurs.

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    Default [Feature Request] Include sql error text when error occurs.

    First of all, let me say, that Kettle is an awesome tool. Thanks you so much for your awesome efforts!

    I'm new to Kettle, so I might be doing something wrong. Anyway, here is my dilema, even when I set the logging to rowlevel, when an sql error occurs on an insert, there is really no information on actual problem as reported by the DB. If possible, it would be great if you added detail error information on failure in future release. As it stands now, one of the longest task when using this tool is trying to figure what went wrong. In addition, it would also be great to have an option to, on an error during the insert, have the bad record skipped and maybe logged to a file and the execution can go on with the rest of the data.

    Again, thanks for all your efforts. You rock

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    Default RE: [Feature Request] Include sql error text when error occurs.


    normally you get the SQL-Error (see Example below) also in basic Logging Mode.
    May be you log very much on row level and filter with "Show error lines". And in this case you will not get the SQL Error. But if you look at the not filtered log it should be there. We will take this as a feature request for changing the "Show error lines" filter.

    Could you please give us information if this is the case and when not please give us some more details:
    - Which step are you using (Table Output, Insert or Insert/Update)?
    - Which database?

    Thanks a lot - Jens


    Error inserting row into table [98ANGE]] with values: [ and here are the fields and values listed ]]
    Error inserting row
    [Microsoft]][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]] HERE STANDS THE DETAILED SQL-ERROR

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    Default RE: [Feature Request] Include sql error text when error occurs.


    Ignoring insert errors works, but you can't do it in batch mode.
    The problem is that the complete batch fails if one of the insert statements in it fails.
    So, you'll get a performance hit, but you can do it.
    There is a warning that's being given.
    Please file a feature request for the failing rows output file, I think it's a great idea!

    Also, I've added a RowListener to the Kettle Step threads to allow us to run in a sort of Debug Mode and keep the last X rows in memory of each step before and after the step executed. This will allow us to pinpoint exactly on which row a step failed.
    I just need to put a GUI around it, the code is almost done. Please give it a month or so, OK?
    NOTE: there already is a tracker for this: Change Request - [# 1362] Spoon exception handling: report the row on which a step failed.

    Thanks for the kind words!


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