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Thread: select&alter problem in spoon

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    Default select&alter problem in spoon

    Attachment: Select_Rename.JPG hi all
    i am using keetle2.2.2 and designing a transformation which takes a field (customer_id) from the input and with the help of the select and alter function i am changing it's name to customer_fact. then on this i am applying the group by function which gives me aggregate on monthly,quarterly and yearly basis. but when i run the transformation it is giving me the error as

    Select values 2.0 - ERROR : Couldn't find field 'customer_id' in row!

    if anybody has worked on it and solved it please help me
    or if anybody can give me any suggestions

    thanks in advance

    dinesh barua
    indore ,india

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    Default RE: select&alter problem in spoon

    Attachment: Select_Rename.JPG I do not know what and how you input data to the "Select and Rename" step ... but I tried to simulate your problem, and could not find one ...

    See attached image to see simulation ...

    Tell me some more, and maybe I can help you ...

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    Default RE: select&alter problem in spoon

    I have the same problem. Is it because your filed in blank. I think it's a bug. Matt ?

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    Default RE: select&alter problem in spoon

    I don't even understand the problem.

    You have a field called customer_id
    You change the name to customer_fact
    After that the system complains that field customer_id can't be found: this is of-course correct because the name was changed!

    Just a word on blank field: it just means: don't change the attribute.
    For example if you specify customer_id and don't specify the "rename to" value, the field is not renamed, same for length, precision, etc. In this case, the field is just selected.

    Note that if you just want to rename a single field, using the "Meta-data" tab is recommended for performance reasons.
    Also, if you just want to remove one or more fields from the stream, use the "Remove" tab.
    This is because the "Select & Alter" table re-orders, renames, ... the fields and only selects the wanted items. This is time consuming as the whole row needs to be re-assembled.

    Hope this helps,


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