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Thread: select&alter problem in spoon

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    Default select&alter problem in spoon

    Attachment: transformation hi all
    i am facing some problem in the select & alter function of the spoon tool. iam designing a transformation which takes a field (customer_id) from the input and with the help of the select and alter function i am changing it's name to customer_fact.then i putting the data in the final table. but when i run the transformation it is giving me the error as
    Select values 2.0 - ERROR : Couldn't find field 'customer_id' in row!

    attached is the screenshot of the transformation which i am designing.

    if anybody has worked on it and solved it please help me or if anybody can give me any suggestions

    thanks in advance

    dinesh barua
    indore, india

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    Default RE: select&alter problem in spoon

    Hi Dinesh,

    I added tracker 1569 for this feature request.

    In the mean time, consider verifying your transformation. That way you'll know BEFORE runtime what's missing.
    Click right on the Table Output step and select "Check selected steps" or press the Verify button, etc.

    Take care,

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