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Thread: Feature Request on textInputField

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    Default Feature Request on textInputField

    I've not found the way to deal with textfiles whose headers are changing.
    I mean ,I don't want to change my kettle job if the headers are changing but my datas are allways here.
    For exemple:
    I have the header :
    Name, surname, birthdate
    my process only use name and surname
    I would like that if the header become:
    Age, surname, salary, name, numberofchildrens
    the job still work!

    It mean that at execution time, the job try to do the mapping between the field name and is column position in the file when reading the header.
    I can code this request and the send here the modified class.
    I ve found 2 way of doing this:
    - re create the meta of the step at execution of the TextInputFile with adding temporary columns, from the result of reading the header, in the meta
    - adding a staticPosition parameter in the TextFileInputField class, value it when readeing header and modifiyng the convertLineToRow to use this property to get the value in the string tab (best perf?)

    What's your feeling on this ?


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    Default RE: Feature Request on textInputField

    I have done the dev ... how can i re integrate ?

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    Default RE: Feature Request on textInputField

    message ^ from ppa

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    Default RE: Feature Request on textInputField

    I have created a javaforge account. Matt, I'm weating for your directives for integrate my code if you want.

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    Default RE: Feature Request on textInputField

    Hello ppa,

    great to see this ;-)

    Extract from :

    You can also use a subversion client to extract the source tree. Use the following address:
    You can either use user anonymous (password: anon) or create a free account at the javaforge site.
    Use this subversion checkout command:
    svn checkout --username anonymous --password anon

    We use also 'tortoisesvn' as a Windows Shell Extension for Subversion:

    If you want to save time, send me your *.javaÂÂ's and I could integrate them for you. (IÂÂ'll send you my personal mail adress).


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    Default RE: Feature Request on textInputField

    Hi Jens,

    I set him up and asked to coordinate with John as he's commiting to TextFileInput as well.
    Thanks for mentioning the links and software.
    I can add that the subclipse Eclipse plugin is nice to use as well if you're using eclipse.

    Cheers from Florida! (30°C over here :-))


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