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Thread: Problems downloading from Javaforge

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    Default Problems downloading from Javaforge

    I'm trying to download Kettle 2.3.0 (+ src) from the "Development packages" folder, but am getting truncated zipfiles which vary in length -- that is, the resulting length of the downloaded file differs each time I attempt download. Also, I sometimes get an error dialog "... could not be saved, because the source file could not be read."

    I'm seeing this from multiple environments (Firefox on WinXP and on Linux).

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    Default RE: Problems downloading from Javaforge

    Hi Anderson,

    I'm in Europe and I have no problems, downloading at around 100KBytes/second.
    However, this is not the first time I've heard about problems on the JavaForge website.
    With 50-100 downloads per day, I guess we should be looking for mirrors or something...

    Maybe your provider is playing tricks?
    Anybody else have problems?

    Thanks for the feedback,


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    Default RE: Problems downloading from Javaforge

    I'm in the US, behind my employer's firewall. Whatever the problem was, it has since disappeared. Thanks!

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