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Thread: The Kettle Project joins Pentaho!

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    Default RE: The Kettle Project joins Pentaho!

    Congratulations Matt,

    This is good news to hear! If you remember I submitted a few bug fixes last week.

    I'm currently investigating Kettle for use as an ETL tool in my masters degree research project in Geomatic science at Laval University, Québec, Canada. It implies the development of a Web service (SOAP+WSDL) to support the creation of Spatial OLAP cubes adapted for mobile/embedded platforms. Spatial OLAP (or SOLAP) is an acronym coined by Dr. Yvan Bedard, the director of the Industrial Research Chair in Geospatial databases for Decision Support, here at Laval University (see our website: ). It simply means the combination of traditional OLAP data structures (ROLAP/MOLAP) with geospatial objects (e.g. points, lines, polygons) in dimensions and measures. The main benefit is the support of OLAP operators in GIS-like applications : drill-down, roll-up, slice and dice on geographic features, such as administrative regions, road and utility networks, watersheds, etc.

    I've already planned to use Mondrian as an OLAP datastore in my project. I'm looking in a way to use Kettle to import data from an OLTP (relational) system to a multidimensional star schema supported by Mondrian. Perhaps the merger with Pentaho will lead to the development of integrated support in Kettle for this task, especially for the creation of XML definitions for Mondrian MD schemas. I'll certainly look forward to the developments following your joining of the Pentaho team, and I hope to be able to contribute to the codebase during the course of my research project.


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    Default RE: The Kettle Project joins Pentaho!

    Hi Etienne,

    I most certainly remember the bugfixes, they are highly appreciated.

    There are indeed plans to integrate Mondrian/JFreeReport/Kettle.
    For example inline generation of "time" dimensions for Mondrian, as well as use Kettle as a data source for both other core Pentaho projects.

    >especially for the creation of XML definitions for Mondrian MD schemas

    I can't say anything definite about this, but after lengthy discussions we (the Pentaho developers) were in favore of a meta-data layer that would generate the definitions, both for Mondrian and JFreeReport (and others why not). As you can imagine though, it's a lot of work, and not too easy either. We'll see what the future brings, but I'm very excited about the results so far.
    Also, there is plenty of room for the Pentaho framework to bridge components.

    It was a very interesting day, thank you for the nice comments and let's continue the discussion off-line together with Julian Hyde of Mondrian fame.

    All the best,

    (Time for a beer now)

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    Default The Kettle Project joins Pentaho!

    Dear Kettle User & Developer,

    I'm please to announce that as of today, Kettle now is part of the Pentaho BI suite.

    I can assure all of you that Kettle was never in any better shape than it is now and that this situation is even bound to improve because of the Pentaho deal.

    Here is a FAQ on the merger, but if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask them here on the forum or direct them at

    Thank you for your interest in Kettle!

    Kind regards,


    Matt Casters

    Chief Application Integration

    Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence

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    Default RE: The Kettle Project joins Pentaho!

    Congrats Matt, this is good news indeed.


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