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Thread: mysql db error inserting null

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    Default mysql db error inserting null

    I am getting an error from mysql using spoon. I load excel files into database tables. Then use "Table input" to create an outer join on those tables. I use "Table output" to save the results to a table. On the 20th row it stops with generic error message. I narrowed it down to the column and it is empty. The column is defined as nullable and longtext, the source is mediumtext.

    I am new to mysql so maybe i am missing something obvious. Using latest mysql and dev version of kettle jar, 2.3.0.
    java version 1.5.0_06

    is there any way i can see a more detailed error message from the db server?

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    Default RE: mysql db error inserting null

    Well, there was an error in the "Table Input" that was fixed by myself a few weeks ago.

    The problem was that when using the "Execute for each row" option, the cursors on the database were not closed (the prepared statements in our case).

    This is causing an error on databases like Oracle (ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded)

    Don't know what the error looks like on MySQL though.

    Unfortunately the Javaforge build system is down and my laptop is at Acer support with a broken screen, so at the moment, extract the source code and build yourself.

    It's actually very easy to do:

    1) Install JDK 1.4 or higher

    2) Install a subversion client

    --> svn on Linux/unix

    --> TortoiseSVN on Windows

    3) Install Apache Ant

    4) Check out the source:

    --> URL:

    --> User: anonymous

    --> Password: anon

    On Linux:
    <pre>svn checkout --username anonymous --password anon </pre>

    5) Compile the source: go to the checkout directory (trunk) and execute

    <pre>ant zip</pre>

    This will create the file you find for download.

    The next time around, all you need to do to get to the absolute latest version is do a subversion update and "ant zip" again.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default RE: mysql db error inserting null

    I compiled the latest source and error is no longer there.

    It would be helpful if there was a way of capturing the error message from the source.

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