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Thread: Dealing with Hard Returns Inside Field (text file import)

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    Default Dealing with Hard Returns Inside Field (text file import)


    Is there a graceful way to deal with hard returns found in delimited text files? Some of our sources have long "description" fields, which seem to be large arbitrary text fields.

    The text file export has kept these hard returns, and thus a new line in the text file is *not* a new record.

    Does Kettle have a way to handle this? The file is delimited, so it might be able to know that it isn't done reading in a full record.


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    Default RE: Dealing with Hard Returns Inside Field (text file import)

    Hi Seth,

    At the moment support for hard returns in delimited fields is not yet available.
    I wanted to do it a couple of weeks ago but it was harder then I imagined because Text File Input works down the text file line per line, not field per field...
    I guess we'll be able to solve it somehow, but it just takes some time.
    There used to be a feature request for it as well, but I can't find it. This is a (another!) problem with the Javaforge software.
    Perhaps you can create another one? That way we don't forget ;-)

    All the best,


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