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    Default date format

    Hello I'm new to KETTLE project, and have a problem!

    I am using "text file input" and have a date field like "03-MAR-2006 21:47:03", so i choose "date" in "type" and specify "format" like this : "dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss", but have an error saying that my date is unparseable :
    ERROR: couldnt parse field<span class="error">Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin 0</span> with value <span class="error">Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin 1</span>
    ERROR : Unparseable date : "03-MAR-2006 21:47:03"

    I tried with the kettle 2.2.2 stable release and also with the latest dev jar available...

    Thanks for help

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    Default RE: date format

    Created bug 2002 for this one. It would help if you could give a small sample file and the XML of the step you used. Attach it to the tracker if you could be so kind.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default RE: date format

    I had a simila problem, but I used a select value step and changed the meta type from date to string so you could probably use a step like that to take it in as a String and then change it to a date. that way kettle knows what's up and will already have it in memory.

    it's just a thought. might be worth a shot.

    I hope it helps.

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