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Thread: smtp component query

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    Default smtp component query

    Is it possible to customize the email body so that we can send more details of the process activity (like Copy From Rows feature available in the other components). Currently only the subject line is customizable.

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    Everything is possible given sufficient development time. :-)
    Please make a feature request tracker for this.

    FYI, we'll be doing attachements etc. also in the e-mail component. Not sure if it will be in the 2.3.0 release though.

    All the best,


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    Default RE: smtp component query

    Can you share with us the plan on what will be comming out in 2.3.0

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    Default RE: smtp component query

    The most important thing will be localisation. Maybe not everything will be translated in 50 languages, but the String extrernalization should be finished before we release.
    For the most, it's what in the development (trunk) version now.
    If the localzation continues as planned, we'll be going for feature-freeze and testing in 2-3 weeks and release mid-may or something. Fortunately, the externalization stuff is rather easy to test.
    I'll post an overview later with all the changes that have been done since 2.2.2. The list is pretty impressive. :-)


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    Default RE: smtp component query

    <h3 id='section-CodeBeamer-Complete+change+log+since+version+2.2.2+until+3132006'>Complete change log since version 2.2.2 until 31/3/2006[/b][/size]
    I'll update this next week or so.
    <ul>[*] Pan & Kitchen
    give back return codes in Unix shell scripts (0=OK)
    <ul>[*] Fix for Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1655">[# 1655]</a> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main uses System.exit() rather then return in main.
    [*] Fix for Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1671">[# 1671]</a> Strange problem with Pan : removed "else" block after load check of xml transformation
    <ul>[*] Text File Input:
    <ul>[*] bug fix : when no escape character is specified, it is still found.
    [*] New options:
    <ul>[*] bad line files destination directory & extension
    [*] line number files destination directory & extension
    [*] error line files destination directory & extension
    [*] data error line files destination directory & extension
    [*] date format is lenient
    [*] When processing a file gives errors, write bad lines and line numbers to the respective error files
    [*] Added 28 JUnit use case tests
    [*] Add concept of missing files for Text input. With these missing files comes error handling as well.
    <ul>[*]Added preview button to Row Generator dialog
    <ul>[*] do full refresh of GUI after loading a job
    [*] fix for bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1506">[# 1506]</a> Connections, steps and hops are not always refreshed Doing a full refresh of the tree after loading the job.
    [*] Implemented tree-table like view on the job execution and chunked the old KTable view.
    [*] Fixed a bug, IllegalArgumentException was thrown when a Job without name was being added to the tree in ChefLog.
    [*] Added time element to the job entry result and therefore also the job trackers and the logging window.
    [*] Chef can now determine SQL for complete job. (extra button in Chef + Code + progress dialog)
    <ul>[*] Corrected the classpath for DB2 on Windows
    [*] Condition: Throw specific error when condition can't be found in repository, avoid null-pointer exception
    [*] Fix for bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1510">[# 1510]</a> Repository problem on SQL Server Limits use of "long text" fields to a minimum, max 1 per table.
    [*] Fixed problem with read back of CLOB values in Oracle.
    [*] Hardened the compare function in Value for bug # 1514: Filter step – NullPointerException
    [*] Search fields progress bar: get the input or output fields of a step is now cancellable.
    [*] Dimension Lookup: Change Request - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1498">[# 1498]</a> Enable / Disable appropriate fields
    [*] Fix for Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1539">[# 1539]</a> unable to read from repositories (MYSQL) Upgraded to the latest MySQL jdbc driver
    [*] Updated SWT libs for Win32 to version 3.1.2
    [*] Value serialisation: do Strings using writeUTF and readUTF Possible solution for Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1521">[# 1521]</a> Error reading back tmp-files in step
    [*] Merge rows: Fix for annoying bug that causes the compare to go wrong.
    [*] Fix for Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1654">[# 1654]</a> SAPDB driver not in classpath
    [*] Fix for Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1516">[# 1516]</a> date with calculator - Month of dat A - NullPointerException added exceptions to the Calculator code to show that Kettle is unable to extract a Date from a field.
    <ul>[*] Report back a useful line of text to Log4j when running in an application system or other container. (for wetjames)
    <ul>[*] Text File Output: Change Request - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1585">[# 1585]</a> Force enclosure on text output Added checkbox to allow enclosures to be forced around String fields. Also adding enclosures around the entries in the header and footer
    <ul>[*] Fix for Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1701">[# 1701]</a> ExcelInput: Limit doesn't work as expected in preview
    [*] Added concept of Replaying a transformation, implemented (skip-lines for) replay functionality in Text file input and Excel Input, based on previous execution date. Uses error files to correctly process only previously skipped rows.
    <ul>[*] PostgreSQL
    <ul>[*] Upgraded to the latest stable JDBC driver (8.1. tree)
    [*] Resolved issue with setting fetch size on PostgreSQL
    [*] Fix for Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1664">[# 1664]</a> Null Dates Fail with Later Versions of PostgreSQL JDBC Drivers
    <ul>[*] Added history window to Spoon: allows you to see the previous executions of a transformation using a logging table.
    [*] Fix for bug 1814, Error in XMLInputDialog if target nodes do not have children as proposed by wetjames.

    <ul>[*] Localization
    <ul>[*] A lot of stuff has been localized by Tom Qin & the folks from China
    [*] This code & property files is being ported by myself to the trunk version from separate 3.0.1 subversion tree. (critical stuff, don’t want to let it run by itself)
    [*] Fix for better language and local-to-system failover
    [*] Table Input dialog : localizing first step as a matter of test
    [*] German translation for Spoon (very basically - preparation for the weekend ;-) by Jens Bleuel

    <ul>[*] Excel Input: added error handling code and GUI elements similar to Text File Input

    <ul>[*] Created separate code and package for handling list of files called a file play list.

    <ul>[*] Target mapping:
    <ul>[*] new code & dialog for mapping source fields to fixed target table
    [*] Implemented getRequiredFields() method to allow mappings to be generated against tableoutput steps.
    [*] Improved the mapping dialog with some configuration flags: checkboxes for auto-selection of targets, and hiding of used source or target fields.
    [*] Enhanced Mapping dialog support: better handling of name of new step
    [*] Add undo support for generated step after mapping dialog.
    [*] Update to the mapping code: don't mess with the length and precision.

    <ul>[*] Database meta data: Don't save empty attributes in the target XML
    [*] Row Normaliser: Bug fix by Christopher Fahey : found out that the first flag wasn't cleared
    [*] Add sequence: Check sequence existence shouldn't try to get the last value, it causes an error as the current value is defined on a session level. Oracle doesn't like this...
    [*] Code changes for Change Request - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1272">[# 1272]</a> Allow the default number of preview rows to be changed Made option available in Options dialog
    [*] Fix for: Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1843">[# 1843]</a> Logging not filtered correctly Add timestamp and subject on every line.
    [*] Added option for saving only used database connections to XML.
    [*] fix log view display problem when using in non-English environment.
    [*] Fix issue: & without files specified may not crash Spoon.
    [*] New demo code: KETTLE_demo1.html is a demo sample written by lokvin
    [*] Add replay button in Spoon history view
    [*] Sort Rows: Added support for setting the sort buffer size so that the algorithm can work more efficient if you have more memory.
    [*] Jobs: Added code & GUI to allow Job Batch ID's to be passed down to transformations. Passing JobID down to transformations and other jobs, etc. down to SystemData
    [*] Took care of performance of the getXML() methods all over the place: use StringBuffer retval.append() in stead of retval+= (speed up of over 100x with Large steps)
    [*] Fix for tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1874">[# 1874]</a> Spoon: saving transformation with Mapping step causes java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException As suggested by Dube Etienne (etdube)
    [*] Careful patch to allow the repository to work on MS-Access.
    [*] Constant & Row Generator steps: In case a constant value in empty: set it flagged as NULL
    [*] Repositories Dialog: Fix for Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1661">[# 1661]</a> Prevent repositories without a name to be added.
    [*] Fix for bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1870">[# 1870]</a> Database cache is not cleared when running DDL
    [*] Fix for Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1875">[# 1875]</a> Spoon: "Select values" step doesn't save the Type field from (Meta-data tab) correctly in XML
    [*] Added a “Delete” step type allowing table synchronization scenarios, first step by Tom Qin. (perfected by myself ;-))
    [*] Add “interesting files” to and && to mail/
    [*] Fixes for bugs 1792 and 1876 : rounding problems when writing Number type values to DB
    [*] Added some minimalistic logging to Pan/Trans and Kitchen/Job for Change Request - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1890">[# 1890]</a> Define and implement semantics for 'minimal' logging
    <ul>[*] Table view :
    <ul>[*] Table view: a solution for the "disapearing combo dropdown" problem.
    [*] Fix for Tracker: Bug - <a class="footnote" name="ref-CodeBeamer- 1761">[# 1761]</a> Exception in Dialog of Transformation "Java Script Value" (press TAB while in drop-down of combo crashes dialog)
    [*] Made the optWidth() algorithm optionally consider only the X first rows making it a lot faster with huge tables.
    [*] Performance trick to get back results faster in large grids.
    <ul>[*] Denormaliser : Fixes for missing data type conversion
    [*] Value: Fix for stupid bug in str2dat conversion logic. Forgot to set the DateFormatSymbols.
    [*] Fix for XML connections used with Generic driver and JDBC
    [*] Added extra fields to repository table R_JOB
    [*] SelectValues now also supports the same field mapped to different targets. (copy/rename)
    [*] Table Output: Check: missing input fields should be flagged as Warnings, not errors.
    [*] Fix for merge-rows problem
    [*] TableInput: fixed bug: didn't close cursors in "Execute for every input row" mode.
    [*] Transformation job entry: Fix issue about ADD_TIME that is "forgotten"
    [*] Log writer: Fix issue with log file that does not get closed.
    [*] Transformation and Job job-entries: Bug fix for the "vanishing entries" in job- or transformation entries.[/list]

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