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Thread: Insert / update ( and update) step problem

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    Default Insert / update ( and update) step problem

    I'm trying to insert or update a table using kettle/postgresql, and I have problem with columns where I declared a unique constraint... when a I removed the unique constraint the update works fine... I triyed with insert/update and update steps, and I have the same problem...

    howaver, the unique constraint is not supposed to prevent the update of the aforesaid column ( I tryied to be sure, by writting an sql like kettle is supposed to produce in this case, and it works fine...)

    Can you help me???

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    Default RE: Insert / update ( and update) step problem

    I guess that means that the key you defined in the Insert/Update step is not the unique identifier. That's bad, m'kay? Also, there is no point in updating the fields you defined as a key.

    By the way, you can see the used SQL by setting the logging level to "Detailed".



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