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    Attachment: DummyPlugin Class Diagram.pdf Hello,
    I'am evaluating the use of kettle as the ETL for my proyect. Most requirements are fullfilled by Kettle but I need to integrate it with web services and cannot find a 'native' solution:
    Calling a web service can be implemented with Get HTTP File, but I also need to offer web services an asociate them to transformations.
    A solution to this could be to implement the web service independently and comunicate with kettle through xml files. But maybe you have already thought another way to do it.
    ¿Any suggestions?


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    Well, there is an alternative: Create a new Step Plugin yourself.
    It's easier than it sounds. Start by looking at the file in Documentation / Development Packages. It's actually very easy to do this if you have some Java experience. If you're working with web-services, chances are very good that you do.

    If you need any help on this, just ask.


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    Attachment: DummyPlugin Class Diagram.pdf i little help... maybe it can be useful.

    DummyPlugin Class Diagram is attached.

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