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Thread: Confusion in Text File Input

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    Default RE: Confusion in Text File Input

    Hi Youssef,

    It is true that the Text File Input step is becoming more and more complex because of the many options that are being added constantly.
    In the long run, a Simplified and Advanced view to the meta-data would be preferable I guess, although I never liked these options in any program.

    However, arguably your message is even more confusing to me.
    For example, providing an example would not hurt anyone ;-)

    Are you still having problems reading the file or do you think the GUI is not clear?

    Thanks for the feedback,


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    Default RE: Confusion in Text File Input

    Attachment: 1002_all_0060418.rar hello,

    As I said I don't have problems to read the file (expect that I can't remove the file footer), but the configuration that I make to get the file readed isn't as I envisaged...
    I think my example is clear....
    You can found here an example file...
    And you have above the configuration used to read this file...
    Do you think that is logical?
    I think that the second configuration that i gived is more logical...
    Then I gived an amelioration proposition for the GUI, to make it more comprehensible : make the paged layout config fields together and the document config fields together...

    I hope that i give more clarity...
    p.s: I also modified my first post, hopping make it more readable

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    Default Confusion in Text File Input

    Attachment: 1002_all_0060418.rar Hello,

    I think there is some confusion in txt file imput step, i'll try to explain my point of view.

    I have a txt file with in the format below :

    + a file header of 21 lines

    + a file footer of 4 lines

    + a non determined number of "pages" each one have a header of 2 lines and no footer, the number of page's lines is 51...

    To get the file readed i triyed many ways and finally success with the following config (only enabled fields) :

    - Header : 1

    - Paged layout (printout) :

    . Number lines per page : 52

    . Document header lines : 22

    And I don't find any way to discard my document footer (without using filters)

    I have the following remarks :

    + This config don't meet the configuration logic, I thought that this config would work :

    - Header :2

    - Paged layout (printout) :

    . Number lines per page : 51

    . Document header lines : 21

    + I think that in the GUI, the following organisation will be more clear :

    - paged layout (printout ):

    . page header :

    . page footer :

    . number lines per page :

    - Document header lines :

    . Document footer lines :

    Am I right????

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    Default RE: Confusion in Text File Input

    Hi matt,

    No responce since I posted the example. Does it mean that i'm saying anythink?

    Thanks for reply

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    Default RE: Confusion in Text File Input

    Youssef, I was able to read the file you provided. You were able to read the file as you say.
    That's it as far as myself is concerned.

    If you don't understand certain options or would like to see them ordered or explained differently, please add a feature request tracker with your suggestions.



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