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Thread: spoon vs. pan: running transformation results

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    Default spoon vs. pan: running transformation results

    When i'm running a transformation from spoon it finish OK, but when I'm using pan i get the next error:
    "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(J)V
    at be.ibridge.kettle.core.value.ValueInteger.getBigNumber(Unknown Source)
    at be.ibridge.kettle.core.value.Value.convertTo(Unknown Source)
    at be.ibridge.kettle.core.value.Value.setType(Unknown Source)
    at be.ibridge.kettle.trans.step.databaselookup.DatabaseLookup.lookupValues(Unknown Source)
    at be.ibridge.kettle.trans.step.databaselookup.DatabaseLookup.processRow(Unknown Source)
    at Source)"

    and than it hangs.

    I'm using lookup with "bignumber".

    can someone please help?

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    Default RE: spoon vs. pan: running transformation results

    You need java version 1.4.2 or higher.
    Run "java -version" in a cmd window and be surprised.
    The kettlew.exe program (for spoon) often makes a better choice than the plain java program.



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    Default RE: spoon vs. pan: running transformation results

    that was what i did.
    after i checked my jave version: java version "1.4.2_03"

    i changed the pan.bat file to use the "kettlew.exe" insted of "java"
    it worked.


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