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    I'm testing Kettle about one week and the products seems to us really interesting, no problem for the installation, no problem for the repositorie's creation on MySQL V5, many functionalities are comparabled to Datastage and ABInitio and sometimes better. Congratulation.
    So we are about to produce an operationnal model even if the first bench shows an important lack of performance (damned virtual machine !).

    But the last "NoGo Item" is the parameter's file.

    I've read on the forum :
    Solution 1 : You can use command line parameters 1-10 to parameterise your transformation.
    Grab them from the System Info step. You can then use this input as input for TableInput, ...
    My opinion on the solution 1 is negative because our jobs are totally parameterized (path, database name, file name, etc...) and the number of parameters is always greater than 10.

    Solution 2 : Finally, you can take the Rows out of the result from a previous transformation in a Job.
    Use "Get rows from result" (read) and "Copy rows to result" (write) to achieve this goal.
    My opinion on the solution 2 is that a simple job is a good job, it's sad to to weigh down the design of a job just for valorization of the parameters.
    No matter, could you send an example ?

    And perhaps in the next release, we'll call parameters directly from a file.

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    Default RE: Parameter's file

    Hi Stephane,

    I always try to say something positive to every message that comes around, but sometimes you folks make this very hard to do....

    Oh well, the situation is not critical nor dramatic, at least not the way you seem to suggest with terms as "NoGo" and "Negative opionion" etc.

    A parameter file is being added as we speak to 2.3.0 development tree.
    So is setting environment variables dynamically using the "Set Variables" step.
    Also, looping has been added to Job Entry Trans and Job Entry Job. Once the testing is finished (in a couple of weeks) we will have a nice solution to your problems.

    I'll leave it up to Atos Origin to decide whether or not that is worth the $100.000,00 (and more) price difference with the obviously perfect aforementioned tools.

    Hey, here's a "dramatic" suggestion: lend us a couple of the thousands of Atos Origin Java developers and the work will be finished a lot faster.


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