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Thread: step order execution

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    Default step order execution

    Attachment: StepOrder.JPG Hello,

    I have to execute 3 steps one after the other :

    0- Getting date from a table T1 .ex : d1 = 01/01/2006

    1- extracting data from one database D1 where
    DATE_MODIF > d1

    2- Inserting Records into table T2

    3- Updating T1. d1=getdate()

    The pb is that Ketlle update T1 before extracting data fom database D1.
    Of course, to work ,the last step do not depend on previous one. But i need it to respect order.

    I executed the update trans by another job entry and it works.

    Thanks a lot

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    Default RE: step order execution

    Like I mentioned a number of times before, there is no step order in a transformation.
    All steps/threads are started at the same time.

    You found the solution: run the logic in 2 transformations or more.
    Certainly, data migration problems are the worst in that regard. I guess that can't be helped.


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    Default RE: step order execution

    Thanks Matt for being so clear

    I don't mind using 2 job entries...

    If i had 2 steps :

    A--->B , i only need to be sure that step B perform if it receive input stream from A.


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