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Thread: RE: Spoon is consuming 100% CPU

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    Default RE: Spoon is consuming 100% CPU

    Hi Matt,

    Do you guys really need to build another engine? The Spoon works perfectly well during Preview. I think spoon can handle 90+ steps. The only problem is on the Actual Transformation...

    I am assuming that the code running the actual transformation is also almost the same as the preview transformation. So if the preview transformation is OK then there is little to configure in the actual transformation code.

    If it is okay in Preview then it can handle those multiple threads.

    Well just trying to help you guys.

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    Default RE: Spoon is consuming 100% CPU

    Hi Asis,

    Besides this problem, we strongly believe that the new engine design will work faster.
    Preview is indeed using the same logic as running, except that it's not loading the transformation, it's using the one in memory.


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