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Thread: Kettle 2.2.2 users, upgrade your MySQL JDBC driver!

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    Default Kettle 2.2.2 users, upgrade your MySQL JDBC driver!


    The jdbc driver that ships with kettle 2.2.2 (mysql-connector-java-3.1.7-bin.jar) is rather old and buggy.
    You can notice right away when editing Kettle steps from where you can pop up a database table browser. For MySQL 5.0 databases, the browser shows a views node and a tables node, but both tables and views are shown beneath both these nodes, whereas the tables node should only have table nodes beneath it and the views node should only have view nodes beneath it.

    To solve that problem, at least for Windows XP, do:

    1) download the most recent GA Connector/J from the download page at

    2) unpack the downloaded distribution

    3) copy the .jar named mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar (or newer) to the libext directory located directly onder the kettle-2.2.2 installation directory

    4) open the spoon.bat file located in the kettle-2.2.2 installation directory in a text editor, and locate the line that goes:

    set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;libext\mysql-connector-java-3.1.7-bin.jar

    5) modify that line so that it reads:

    set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;libext\mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar

    (obviously, if you downloaded a jar with another version number, use that filename here instead).

    6) repeat steps 4 and 5 also for chef.bat, kitchen.bat and pan.bat

    That should do the trick.

    (For *nix users, the procedure is probably similar)

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    Default RE: Kettle 2.2.2 users, upgrade your MySQL JDBC driver!

    Matt and I have talked about te jdbc driver issue and the driver has been upgraded in 2.3. There are also a lot of new and great feature in 2.3 as well, and it should run all your 2.2.2 transaction as well. If you notice you are having a problem associated with the jdbc driver then you might want to give 2.3 a whirl.

    The 5.0 driver for mysql seems to cause a few issues here and there. So you should stay one the 3.1.12+ track.

    As far as what it takes for the NIX users you just replace the driver in the lib directory and the scripts are intelligent enough to find it and add it. Since you have a lot more power at the command line in NIX apposed to windows.

    Just a coupe other tid bits of info.

    Have a nice day and please drive through,

    Try not to have too much fun.
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    Default RE: Kettle 2.2.2 users, upgrade your MySQL JDBC driver!

    "Rather old and buggy" is relative I guess.
    3.1.7 was the latest and greatest when 2.2.2 was released ... 4 months ago...

    I guess there is no way to please some people. Perhaps we should remove all drivers from Kettle and do it like the other open source database tools. I guarantee you all that it would solve a LOT of our problems.

    While we're at it, we can also just remove all exceptions in the code for all the buggy JDBC driver implementations. It would certainly make the Kettle code a LOT easier to maintain.

    Anyone else in favor of this approach, please, just let me know.


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    Default RE: Kettle 2.2.2 users, upgrade your MySQL JDBC driver!

    Hi Matt,

    sorry - in retrospect, I have to admit that my term "...rather old and buggy..." is an exaggeration. I apologise for stirring it up like this. Please take my word for it: I did not want to offend anybody. My post was primarily intended to share the solution for other people experiencing the symptoms with the database explorer. I've been quite on top of some of the MySQL developments lately, and this is definitely blurring my sense of what's 'old' and what's 'new'.

    Actually, I'm quite pleased to see that Kettle ships with so many drivers - it gave me a quick start. And it took me almost no time to find out what I should do to set up a new driver: props to you guys for having your stuff together like this!

    I'm sorry to hear that shipping all these drivers is a pain for you and the rest of the team, and I sincerely don't think it should be your problem. But surely a separate document that explains how third party drivers interact with kettle and howto upgrade them could solve some of that?

    kind regards,

    Roland Bouman

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