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Thread: Kettle - spoon walkthrough:

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    Default Kettle - spoon walkthrough:

    Hi all,

    I wrote a little article that could help you get started with Kettle, especially Spoon:

    I'm planning to do a few more.

    Hope it helps,


    P.S. If you like, just let me know what you think and leave a comment on the blog.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default RE: Kettle - spoon walkthrough:

    Very nice Roland! Your blog is certainly worth a visit!

    Can I link to it?


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    Default RE: Kettle - spoon walkthrough:

    Hi Matt,

    yes please link! I'm planning to do at least the following articles on Kettle as well:

    1) upgrading driver
    What's your take on this - I noticed that as things are now I can probably write one bat/shell script that sets the classpath and most of the jre options, and recycle that. That way, updgrading a driver would take just one edit in the generic script and all of the fab four apps would use the new driver.
    BTW, is it possible (without modifying the java source i mean) to install a new driver?
    2) Add chef in the mix - download the input file, mail the output files
    3) Slightly more realistic ETL example - automatically download films info in XML format via http, store in MySQL Sakila sample database.

    I'll just spam this forum again when they're done ;-)

    Some more questions:
    - how do you envision integration of kettle with pentaho workflow engine? (yes, open question - im just interested in this whole workflow/BPM perspective of Pentaho)
    - are you interested in having me contribute XSLT's to render spoon/chef models in HTML or maybe SVG? Maybe you already had some idea's regarding this.

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