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Thread: Trouble using BIRT on Pentaho BI Server

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    Default Trouble using BIRT on Pentaho BI Server : export in PDF


    I would like to use BIRT (2.2.1) with Pentaho BI Server 2.0.

    I have modified the Pentaho SystemListener so now I can execute reports I have created using Eclipse BIRT, but... I can't see my charts as well as my pictures...

    I can see my text fields and my tables without problems but neither charts and neither pictures are displayed.

    Does anyone has faced the same problem? Is there a solution to fix it?

    Thanks a lot for your help
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    Default More info about the same problem

    I've the same problem.
    I'm using eclipse with birt 2.1.1 Pentaho 1.7

    Moreover I've noticed that links in BIRT report, even if rendered correctly in eclipse preview, don't work when viewing the report in pentaho.

    Watching html output from pentaho show me that:
    • where should be the img representing the charts there is an <img> tag without src attribute (and no javascript managing it)
    • where should be the link there is a <div> tag and no <a> tag
    Someone can help?
    Alessandro Galli

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    I've fixed the problem by modifying pentaho-bi-platform-plugin-actions-2.0.0.jar (BirtSystemListener and BIRTReportComponent).

    Now I can export in HTML, but still not in PDF!

    There is a kind of bug when I'm exporting in PDF. Hard to explain what is occuring, I have no error message displayed in my browser. There is just a hole (with translucent background)!

    Does someone has an idea?

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    siroy -
    Can you please be more specific as to the changes you made in
    BirtSystemListener and BIRTReprtComponent?

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