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Thread: Licensing Question - BI Server CE

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    Default Licensing Question - BI Server CE

    Hi -

    We are interested in installing the CE edition of Pentaho BI Server and granting access to our hosting clients to run reports.

    There would be no charge to the clients, it would simply be an additional reporting tool to use as needed.

    Is this allowed under the CE/GPL licensing?

    The CE BI Server seems to be an amalgam of licenses, so it was not clear if the above would be allowed.

    Thanks in advance for info you can provide.


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    dmoran Guest


    All of the projects that are part of the Pentaho Community Edition are released under OSI approved Open Source Licenses. Since the different projects that now make up Pentaho started out independently, there are several different licenses. All of them allow you to download, modify and use the software personally or for your company without restriction. They mainly differ on restrictions for repackaging the software and distributing derivative works.

    With the MPL, EPL and LGPL you are free to use, distribute and embed without having to buy any licenses or open source your own product. The GPL may require you to open source any derivative works that you distribute.

    For more information about the GPL and the BI Server:

    If you are making an unmodified version of the BI Server available to users and not distributing a modified BI Server, then the GPL should not effect you.

    Please post info about your project or Pentaho success stories to the community:


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