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Thread: xml file referred to jsp

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    Default xml file referred to jsp

    hi anyone,

    just want to ask whether it is applyable for jsp when we want the xml file referred to jsp....

    for example, lets say for html when we want to referred the source file of the css file, we would use the href tag.

    but when we want to refer the source file of xml & apply it into jsp, is it possible?


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    jdixon Guest


    I am not sure how to answer this.

    What are you trying to do? Why do you need the XML in the JSP?


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    Default xml file referred to jsp

    Hi james,

    Actually, i just want to create a meter that is functionable, which corresponds to the value for the bar chart. The bar chart have expenses, sales, & profit. Let's say the bar chart slices selected is expenses, it will display the values on the chart. This expenses values on the bar chart will pass to the meter to display it.

    I just edited the existing sample jsp, xml, and xaction files to do my own chart. As i know, the statement "parameters.setParameter( "MONTH", month );" is to pass the parameter to xml then to xaction to retrieve database, and

    ChartHelper.doChart( "samples", "dashboard", "budget.widget.xml", parameters, content, userSession, messages, null ); is to find the source files & then draw the chart.
    But, i can't use the doChart() function to draw the meter as it only only draw dial, bar chart, pie chart, line chart & area chart.

    The meter is to show the performance of the company whether in sales, profit & expenses.

    I am using the mysql to store the database. I want to retrieve the database from mysql then put values into the meter.

    For the pie chart, bar chart & line chart, i have successfully connected & retrieved the database via xaction. But for the meter i can't do that because i draw the meter myself using the table. Therefore i cant use the function parameters.setParameter( "MONTH", month ); and
    ChartHelper.doChart( "samples", "dashboard", "budget.widget.xml", parameters, content, userSession, messages, null );

    Therefore i try to use xml to connect to xaction to retrieve database (for the meter). Can you suggest ideas for me to solve this problem? Really nid ur help.....
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