Hi all,

I want to bring the black box testing issue a little bit forward. Some test
classes exist already for the excel and text file input and we need more and I
think we need more black box testing for the front end.

At the black box side we have possibilities to create test transformations and
test jobs and compare the results. And in parallel I'm just searching for a
GUI tester and already got some hints... have to check it (some are created
by a bachelor thesis and are not published yet but may be we could use

As the creation of test cases is a heavy job, too I would like to encourage
you to help with creating some. If we found a lot of volunteers (they do not
have to be Java programmes, just Kettle users with creative ideas of testing
a lot of szenarios) - let me know and I will organize this.

If we can divide the work to some more people this would be great - so I
would like to encourage you to adopt your favority step for creating test
cases. Let me know if you like to be part of this "adopt a step program" and
if you have a favority step.

I will pots this in parallel to the Kettle forum.

All the best,


Am 15 Jan 2007 um 10:30 hat Matt Casters geschrieben:

> DearKettle developers & beta-test team!
> We have accomplished a lot the last couple of weeks and things are looking good for a 2.4.0
> release in a few weeks.
> Thanks to the feedback from all of you, we were able to fix quite a number of issues.
> However, there are a few open issues that should be done to polish the release a bit more.
> Here are a few priority issues:
> - Jobs: Undo/Redo: fix issues(I'm sure it borks now), implement "replaceMeta" fix to prevent
> loose ends like in TransMeta (Matt)
> - Transformation Job Entry: check if clustered transformation has finished on all slave servers.
> (Matt)
> - Unable to find condition in repository error. (Matt/Volunteer)
> - Spoon: Delete cluster / partition schema : verify functionality (Matt/Volunteer)
> - Update Spoon documentation (merge in Chef documentation) & screenshots (Matt)
> - Make changelog + attribution list, 2.3.0 vs 2.4.0 (Matt)
> Here are the low priority issues that could get solved:
> - Create welcome screen (HTML) for the new Spoon, Pentaho Jira case PDI-2(Wes Brown)
> - Repository : Delete/Edit/Create menus for Clusters and Partition schemas (Matt/Volunteer)
> - Trans / Job job entries: only allow transformations or jobs to be selected in the respective job
> entries (Volunteer)
> - Bug - [# 3308] Modifying calculator doesn't register as change in transformation (Volunteer)
> - Bug - [# 3559] chef saves unused db connections to xml even when "only saved used ..." is
> enabled (Volunteer)
> - Bug - [# 3608] Missing subfolders during repository import. (Volunteer)
> - Fix Carte problem with basic authentication, possibly re-contact Jetty support mailing list.
> (Volunteer)
> - Unique connections + batch mode of table output combination doesn't work. Probably just
> document, but maybe trace if a commit is being done. (Volunteer)
> - Verify problem reportedon the Forum with ? replacement in Table Input on Oracle (Volunteer)
> If anyone of you wants to take on any of these items, let me know.
> I'll update the list in a few days. In the mean time, keep sending feedback please to make sure
> we don't miss anything shocking before release time.
> Matt
> ____________________________________________
> Matt Casters, Chief Data Integration
> Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence
> http://www.pentaho.org -- mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org
> Tel. +32 (0) 486 97 29 37
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