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Thread: Move Design Tools Under Their Respective Project Categories?

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    gmoran Guest

    Default Move Design Tools Under Their Respective Project Categories?

    Hi all,

    I received a couple of requests recently to re-organize some of the forums. Specifically, moving the forums under Design Tools (Action Sequence Editor Plugin, Pentaho Report Designer and Report Design Wizard, Pentaho Cube Designer and Kettle Sppon) into the project categories that they belong to. For example, move Pentaho Cube Designer under Analysis, since the tool supports our Analysis Services.

    The logic behind grouping the Design Tools together is that eventually, the individual tools will be integrated into one Design Tool, so you can seamlessly builld the different components for a Pentaho solution in one environment. We are not there yet, but when we get there, it won't make alot of sense to have the Design Tool forums separated. But I do see the benefit of separating them today, given the current state of our design tool toolbox. I think those forums would see alot more traffic under the change, since folks may not be scrolling down to find the Report Design Wizard forum, but instead posting in the Reporting forum.

    What does everyone think? Should be move the Design Tools forums? Let's get some input on what organization works best for all of you. And have you been using the Design Tools forums?

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    1000% agree - most reporting users dont look for the Designer or Wizzard in the "Design Tools" Section. I move threads to the corresponding forum down there, but the large numbers of these threads makes me think that most people aren't aware of the "Design Tools" Section unless their thread got moved.

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    all same as my master Thomas.
    May the Moo force be with you,
    Said Mimil

    A student of JFree & Pentaho Academies,
    Cedric Pronzato

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    I am totally in agreement.

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    I totally agree as well

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