Hi ,

I need a small clarification from you.I wish to implement an error logging feature for all the transformations I am executing.

I would like to create a common log table for all the jobs/transformations such the below 4 categories of errors in all the transformations are stored in the log table having the below columns.

ERR_LINNUM : Line number of row where error is reported

ERR_DATA. Stores data and metadata about a transformation row error and its corresponding source row.

ERR_MSG. Stores metadata about an error and the error message.

ERR_TRANS. Stores metadata about the transformation

This log table would pertain to all the transformations enclosed in jobs in a single .kjb file .

POSSIBLE ADVANTAGES : Tha basic advantages of this file are

just by having a look at this file

1) we can get to know the various transformations where error
has occurred.

2) we can also get details of the line number and error fields.

3) Need not go through each and every log file to check for errors