Dear Kettle devs,

Today I have added support for the loading of transformations and jobs using
the Apache commons Virtual File System, VFS in short.
VFS allows you to threat all files like URL's.
For example, in the latest revision you can now specify the filename of a
transformation in a job as .
Also for example:

$ ./Pan.bat /file:
22:28:52,280 INFO [Pan] Pan - Start of run.
2007/02/12 22:28:53:921 CET [INFO] DefaultFileReplicator - Using
"C:\DOCUME~1\Matt\LOCALS~1\Temp\vfs_cache" as temporary files store.
22:28:55,139 INFO [Generate 1M Rows] Generate 1M Rows - Dispatching started
for transformation [Generate 1M Rows]
22:28:55,155 INFO [Generate 1M Rows] Generate 1M Rows - Nr of arguments
22:28:55,171 INFO [Generate 1M Rows] Generate 1M Rows - This is not a
replay transformation
22:28:55,358 INFO [Generate 1M Rows] Generate 1M Rows - This transformation
can be replayed with replay date: 2007/02/12 22:28:55
22:28:55,358 INFO [Generate 1M Rows] Generate 1M Rows - Initialising 2
22:28:55,389 INFO [0] Generate 1M Rows.0 - Starting to run...
22:28:55,405 INFO [0] Dummy (do nothing).0 - Starting to run...
22:28:55,468 INFO [0] Dummy (do nothing).0 - Linenr 5000
22:28:55,483 INFO [0] Dummy (do nothing).0 - Linenr 10000

VFS has a nice plugable architecture that we will use to get access to both
the Pentaho solutions repository and the kettle repository later on.
You can define new URL's like pdi://somedirectory/SomeTransformation or
As Pentaho and Mondrian have already implemented VFS, it means that we will
have uniform access to all objects in the Pentaho realm.

However, it's already pretty cool the way it is now too ;-)

All the best,

Matt Casters, Chief Data Integration
Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence <> -- mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org
Tel. +32 (0) 486 97 29 37

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