I just checked in the code for a "file compare" entry. Qua new job
entries this scratches all my itches for a while.

The job entry (binary) compares 2 files (now also VFS aware) and you
can control flow in a job based on whether 2 files are equal or not.
Main purpose I created it for is to do some "golden image" regression
testing.. But I'm sure there are other uses: e.g. checking whether
your current input file is the same as yesterdays, ...

For the next weeks I'm going to try to fix some other bugs, check out
the JavaScipt mod and WSDL step, do some testing on error hops,
scheduling, ...

Next steps I would like to create are an Oracle bulk loader step and
CRQ #4620 (concatenate multiple streams), but this will finish after
2.4.1 GA for sure. If anyone would already be working on similar
things let me know


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