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Thread: Cube designer generated query? Where is it?

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    Default Cube designer generated query? Where is it?

    I don't get it.

    Where does Cube Designer put its generated query? (Step 3)

    It's not anywhere on the generated files (xaction, mondrial.xml & .properties)

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    sori double post.

    mods. pls delete this thread

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    The only files generated by the Cube Designer are those that you mentioned:
    xaction - this is a sample jPivot view based on the new schema definition
    mondrial.xml - the mondrian schema
    .properties - properties file for localizing the strings for the .xaction

    There is no 'query' associated with the schema files. Step 3 is simply a rough UI (hence the 0.7) for defining what tables and columns you intend on using to build the schema and how the dimension/lookup tables relate to the fact table (the joins).

    Hope this helps!


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    Do you mean that we will have to manually insert the MDX query in there ourself? Should we use the schema designer together with the cube designer now?


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