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Thread: How to obtain Median Value

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    Question How to obtain Median Value

    I have rows coming from a table input. The are Grouped By a row type column. Another column is a value column that I would like to get the median value for each group. To do this I either need a MEDIAN aggregate function, or I need to create my own by accessing (somehow) the number of rows in each group and I need the row number in each group or I need to obtain each group as an array. How can I do this. Is there access to the rowset as well as the rows in javascript?
    Bill P

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    You don't have access to the rowset. Kettle is a hub-and-spoke model, table output splits the inputs in rows and passes the rows on.

    You can have a look at the groupby step even if the input is already grouped, it has something as "add linenr, in each group".

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