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    I have done all the steps with success, but when i click on view XML the program stops working...holding...And this happends with the publish and when i want to save. Can you help me? Thank you

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    i join to this question , one time in the step 6 was everything in order, xml file was shown and saved, in other times the programm was allways stoped (no answer).
    The sence was the same, there were may be only different sequence of clicking the buttons or tables, but in this case where is sence?

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    This is caused by a defect in Step 3 of the wizard. There are two "workarounds" you need to be aware of:

    1) When selecting tables - the fact table must be to the left of all dimension tables
    2) When defining joins between tables, you must define them from "right-to-left", meaning click the join button, select your join column from the dimension table first, then select the join column in the fact table.

    If you are still having troubles, don't trust the auto-joins. Delete all joins and recreate them using the right-to-left method described above.

    Both of these issues along with a host of others will be addressed in the next milestone release due out in a couple of weeks.


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    Hi, thank you very much!!! It works!!! In the selecting of the tables, you have meaned = the fields of fact table must be selected at first (stay also at the begin in select statement), simply tables are added allways in alphabetic order.?

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    The really good news is that our milestone 2 build addresses the problems you have run into - you will no longer have to worry about the location of the tables in the model view, nor will you have to follow the 'right-to-left' join guidance. We should have it posted next week.


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