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Thread: Unable to work with HTTP Client Step

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    Default Unable to work with HTTP Client Step

    I have a web service running on tomcat, when i access that web service via HTTP Client step, i get the output
    <p>Hi there, this is an AXIS service!</p>
    <i>Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...</i>

    i'm attaching my transformation, guide me wher it went wrong

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    You need to "trigger" the http step, use a row generator e.g.


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    i used it, pls chk the transformation.

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    Well, you do get output. The http client is just that, a http client (there's a WSDL step under the experimental category, but YMMV).

    First thing I would check is what you get back from the service when you execute the URL Kettle executes, it's in the logs (at rowlevel)... it's something like in your case


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    Default Unable to access the web service in kettle 2.4.1 m1

    I have installed the kettle 2.4.1 M1 version but dint find any option for invoking web services. And if iam using http client facicng the same problem which sathish has encountered .

    plz help ...

    is this not possible to invoke web service with kettle 2.4.1 m1 verson???


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    Under the experimental category in transformations there's a WSDL step, but as the name of the category suggests YMMV.


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    Thumbs down Pls help

    Suppose i want to use the following web service (or anyothr simple one),
    can u explain (pref step by step) how to invoke it in kettle?
    I highly appreciate if u attach the transformation along with ur reply.

    Thanks indeed,

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    Arrow Soap Call

    Hi all,
    The Http client in Kettle launch request like don't make a SOAP call.

    The WSL step (Web Services Lookup ) as it name suggests "just" display all the methods available via a given webservice.
    I think it's a first step.

    See the attached picture (Your url :

    We need step that make a real SOAP call (maybe by using AXIS libs).
    Maybe someone is already working on it.

    Take care

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    Thanks alot Samatar.

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    Hi All ,

    I am trying to connect to thin client URL which hosts an Application using Http client step. I am beginner for this ETL tool. Please advise the procedure

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