Has anyone ever experienced “Bloggers Block?” You know, where you have plenty of things to write about, but are unable to select a topic and put some metaphorical pen to paper? I’ve been experiencing this since my return from extended holiday.
I arrived back and started work again at Pentaho. There’s been a bunch of developments at Pentaho (more open source features, key customer successes, etc), there’s been some interesting open source moves (licenses, alliances, etc), some interesting BI moves (vertica, hyperion acquisition, etc). Basically, I have a Blog Backlog of probably 25 or so juicy, page plusers. Things I would dig into, opine about, and hopefully help disseminate some useful information.
So… What’s the problem?
I just can’t. I’ve sat down and I look at my blog client and I just can’t seem to pick one, and write it. None of it seems worthy enough to be the first, or most interesting, or … Pick any reason, I’ve come up with it for why not to write on a subject.
Now that I’ve committed the cardinal sin of Apologetic Blogging (I aboslutely HATE reading blog posts entitled: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while) perhaps I should just turn it in. In fact, with so many people blogging these days it’s almost refreshing to hear “I don’t blog anymore.”
So I ask myself the question honestly: Am I done blogging? Is it worth the time? Is it worthwhile? Do I receive enough enjoyment from the writing to continue?
I don’t know. However, implicitly my next (possible) blog will answer that question, yes?