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Thread: Is Pentaho using GPL?

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    Default Is Pentaho using GPL?

    I was trying to understand the Pentaho open source licensing arrangement. Does Pentaho use GPL for their licensing?

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    The only project at Pentaho that is GPL licensed is Weka (Data Mining.) You need a commercial license to get rid of the GPL. For more information, contact

    Here is a summary of the products and licenses:

    Pentaho Platform is MPL,
    Pentaho Design Studio is MPL,

    Pentaho Reporting Engine is LGPL,
    Pentaho Reporting Designer is MPL,
    Pentaho Reporting Design Wizard is MPL,

    Pentaho Analysis Server (Mondrian) is CPL,
    Pentaho Cube Designer is MPL,

    Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) is LGPL,

    Pentaho Metadata is MPL,

    Pentaho Data Mining is GPL,

    Added June 6, 2008:

    Version 2 of the Pentaho BI Platform, as well as future versions, will be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2).

    Pentaho will also provide a "FLOSS Exception", which simplifies distribution of Pentaho BI Platform with certain other open source licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative (

    Please refer to the following FAQ before posting questions:

    Generally, if you are an end user of the Pentaho BI platform or distribute a product based on the platform under an OSI approved license covered by the Pentaho FLOSS exception, this change should not affect you.

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