Dear Kettle developer,

Again, we have to bump the version to 2.5.0. Samatar really wanted to
include a description and extended description for transformations and job
to the repository and I agreed that those changes make sense.
As you all know, these version numbers are always "undervalued" anyway in
Pentaho Data Integration, so I'm sure it doesn't matter that much.

In any case, there will be a heck of a lot of new stuff to release in 2.5.0.
Not only the hundreds of bug fixes, but also a long list of new features to
talk about. (Error Handling, new steps, new job entries, etc)
Lance, let me know if you need a complete list for a release. It looks like
I will do a change-log as well in the coming weeks.

Hard core development has slowed down a bit and I'm now proposing to do a
RC1 at the end of next week.
That means that if there are any "urgent" new features you would like to
add, here are some rules:
- If it's minor change, add it before the end of next week.
- If it's a substantial change, wait a few weeks until after 2.5.0-GA

Thank you for your understanding!

All the best,

Matt Casters, Chief Data Integration
Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence <> -- mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org
Tel. +32 (0) 486 97 29 37

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