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Thread: New Version of Cube Designer

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    Default New Version of Cube Designer

    Now it's nearly a half year ago still the latest version of the cube designer was released and not in one newsletter was written a word of e next step in the cube designer!

    So my questions, when is a newer version available? Because it's a hard and nervous work to chancing a cube. You have two ways, first, click against through the cube designer or secend, change every thing by hand!

    So please make as quick as possible a new version of the cube designer which could change a exist schema!


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    Hello Mlu,

    We will be releasing a new build of the Cube Designer within the next couple of weeks. Also, I will be setting up a micro-site dedicated to the development of GUI designers for building Mondrian Schemas. There are at least 3 projects being worked on in parallel in this area, so the "Cube Design Home Page" will provide links to our current requirements proposal, download links to latest builds of the various designers, latest news, etc.

    I'll post to this forum when the site is live. In the mean time, keep an eye out for the next build of the wizard interface in the next couple of weeks and feel free to review and comment on my proposal for what functionality we want in the 1.0 release:

    Best regards,

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    Thanks Jake for your informations!

    I've visited the page and looked to the feature overview! Hehe I couldn't belive it, when I saw the WireFrame.ppt! I know about that from tobias roth since quarter 4 of 2006!

    If the realese would be like this ppt I think it would be a great new Tool of the Pentaho Toolkit.

    At time so I can see for me are all things that I need in this new Cube Desinger.



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    Question Version 1.0

    I tested the milestone 0.7.2 you've released. However It stills lack a lot of the functionality you presented in the .ppt presentation and basically is a bug fix version.

    When do you think you will have a version with at least an open/save feature? (currently the worse drawback is that when you build a cube and discover an error or would like to fix something you have to go and do all the process again )

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    Do you know when the new version will be released please? I always have the XML Generation Bug and I want to know if it will be fixed in the next version.

    thanks a lot,

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    the version 0.7.2 is now available! i don't try it yet!

    but look at this tree! there you find a way for the xml generation problem!

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