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Thread: Pentaho Reporting Output - dynamic output file name

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    Default Pentaho Reporting Output - dynamic output file name

    Hello !

    I'm using the pentaho reporting output step, and after generating the report i'm going to use the Mail utility.

    For my output file, i want the date appended.

    How can this be achieved ?

    It doesnt accept a variable in the output file field, and with generate rows, i'm not able to provide a date variable either..

    Thanks !

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    Use a fixed name and rename the output file in a later step.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    How is it possible to rename a file in a later step?

    Only by creating an own class in java which renames the files? Or is there an easier way?

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    In my case, i wanted to generate a report using Pentaho reporting output, and then later rename the resulting file, and email it. These are my job steps :

    Job 1 -
    Step1-> Set Variables (required for the email step, email addresses, SMTP server details etc)
    Step2-> Call transformation for report Generation. Transformation has the following steps :

    • Generate Rows (set the prpt file name, and fixed output file name and path)
    • Pentaho Reporting Output (execute the prpt and creates result file)

    Step3-> Copy/Move Result Filenames (This step automatically knows the files resulting from the previous steps, and provides options to append dates to the resulting files, and move them to desirde folders)
    Step4 -> Mail (The attach files tab automatically knows the result files, and attaches them to the outgoing email)
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    Hi Sue,

    I cannot find a step to copy/move files...
    And I wonder how to set the "output report name" by variables...

    I am currently using:

    Get data list for report input
    generate pdf report

    Maybe you could post the xml contents of your xaction or attach it?


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