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Thread: Database connection problem

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    Default Database connection problem

    I am getting network adapter issue while connection to the database.
    From windows it connects, but has problem on Unix.

    Below is the log;-

    11:06:40,912 INFO [0] Table output.0 - Got previous step from [Table output] #0 --> Table input
    11:06:40,915 INFO [0] Table output.0 - input rel is 1:1
    11:06:40,917 INFO [0] Table output.0 - Found input rowset [Table input.0 - Table output.0]
    11:06:40,919 INFO [0] Table output.0 - Finished dispatching
    11:06:40,922 INFO [temp] temp - Transformation has allocated a new step: [Table output].0
    11:06:40,925 INFO [temp] temp - This transformation can be replayed with replay date: 2007/03/28 11:06:40
    11:06:40,928 INFO [temp] temp - Initialising 2 steps...
    11:06:40,934 INFO [DB_REGISTRATION] DB_REGISTRATION - New database connection defined
    11:06:41,111 INFO [DB_TARGET] DB_TARGET - New database connection defined
    11:10:25,596 ERROR [0] Table input.0 - An error occurred, processing will be stopped:
    Error occured while trying to connect to the database

    Error connecting to database: (using class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

    11:10:25,605 ERROR [Table input] Table input - Error initializing step [Table input]
    11:10:25,697 INFO [DB_TARGET] DB_TARGET - Connected to database.
    11:10:25,699 INFO [0] Table output.0 - Connected to database [DB_TARGET] (commit=100) 11:10:25,700 INFO [DB_TARGET] DB_TARGET - Auto commit off
    11:10:25,704 ERROR [temp] temp - Step [Table input.0] failed to initialize!
    11:10:25,706 INFO [temp] temp - Step [Table output.0] initialized flawlessly.
    11:10:25,708 ERROR [temp] temp - We failed to initialize at least one step. Execution can not begin!

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    Depending on how you connect to Oracle, did you define the oracle connection on your UNIX box?

    This is not a Kettle/PDI problem.


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