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Thread: transformation process description possible?

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    Question transformation process description possible?


    src table
    male, female

    dest table

    select (id) from male + select (id) from female, and put the result into people.number

    and i want a description like this:
    1.table_people.number_all from,

    2.count( + count( = table_people.number_all
    the sum of + the sum of = table_people.number_all

    that is: firstly give some descriptions to the tables and their columns, then form a description of the destination column as to where the data came from, and how is the data calculated.

    is it possible to interfere the process of kettle so as to get the result?

    i mean, by adding some source codes to kettle or whatsoever!?

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    Wink Can You Give the ER D


    If you send ER-diagrams target schema and source schema, may be, just may be someone can help.


    dedi m

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