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Thread: problem with .xaction file!

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    Angry problem with .xaction file!

    Hi all,

    I am a new user of Cube designer.
    Please let me know that why can't I view the .xaction file from the solution repository.

    Even I m not able to preview in the cube designing wizard's last step.
    sometimes It says that file doesn't exeist and ssometimes it says that page can nont be displaed.

    PLeas eHelp me.
    I m stuck

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    The milestone one build of the Cube Designer did not provide any notification when a publish was complete. I suspect that you attempted to preview the cube before publish was complete. Upon successfully publishing, you should see three new files in your solutions repository - the Modrian schema file, the .xaction, and the .properties file for localization.

    If you still have troubles publishing, check your server console for any error messages/stack traces and post them to this forum.

    Thank you for your feedback, stay tuned for the milestone 2 build which will be available soon!


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    Default problem with preview

    Thnaks for your valuable reply,

    But I am going step by step. Upto 5th step its going fine but at 6th step after publishing when I click on the preview it says some error that a file does not exist. It means that publish was not complete but it doesn't say anything wrong with publish.

    Afterclicking on preview sometimes it says that page can not be displaed or sometimes blank page can be viewd.

    Can u please tell me why three different situations are rising.


    Varun Gaur

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