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Thread: Conversion String to Date

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    Question Conversion String to Date


    I'm sorry to open a new thread for a already treated subject, but I'm in a without issue way.

    I open it to attract the attention of a Chief Data Integrator or any other person,
    to try to solve it.
    All ideas from the "str2dat help" topic didn't achieve to the solution.

    I would like to convert this string format "28/Mar/2007:12:12:12" to a date.

    I tried to use a Javascript code, but it doesn't work.

    I even tried the reverse way, i.e. convert a date (same format) to a string, with the dat2str("dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss") instruction, but the format isn't known.

    Perhaps it's a problem with the month format or something like that...?

    Are there parmeters to clarify the language in which I work ? (Date format isn't the same according to countries...)

    All ideas are welcome...

    Sorry for troubles, but I don't know any more where I must search to find the solution.


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    What i normally do in these situations is use the java.text.SimpleDataFormat in a JavaScript step.

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