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Thread: Repository and xaction

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    Default Repository and xaction

    I'm contemplating moving to a repository now I have finally figured out what I was doing wrong.
    I am using Kettle jobs from Pentaho using the file interface.
    However, I've looked in vain for documented examples of exactly what to do. Hunting around this forum gives me hints and incomplete examples, lots of messages about stuff not working (do jobs work?) and trying out new versions, but there doesn't seem to be proper documentation of what xaction xml tags need to be filled in for a particular result.

    Have I missed something?

    Is Pentaho / Kettle integration just a lash-up with the fundamental interests of the 2 "communities" pulling in different directions?


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    It certainly closely resembles your last remark.
    That's why I asked ownership of the KettleComponent. However, because of the re-arangements that took place for 1.6 this is taking a bit longer than expected.

    And you're right BTW, it *is* a mess.

    All the best,


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