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Thread: Dynamically generate run id

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    Default Dynamically generate run id


    I am trying to create a transformation, which has to be load data into Historical table. Each time when I run the transformation I need to increment the run id and need to insert the data with that run id

    can any body suggest me, how I can do it using spoon, What are all the possible components can use to create the same?

    The thing which is stoping me here is , How to get the current run id ,increment and insert using Sql query ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Kiran,

    here is my suggestion:

    - use a table input with select max(run_id_field) from target_hist_data
    (use a dummy row for the first time)

    - add 1 to the run_id (use calculator)

    - join this data stream with your "normal_data"

    or may be you can put it in the SQL statement.


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