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Thread: wiki?

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    Default wiki?

    I was trying to find techtips/howtos outside of the 'samples' directory, but could only find:

    Would be nice to have some type of wiki instead of trolling-forums for information for things like:

    *Working with delimitered files, things to watch out for, for this specific scenario you need to do this, user experiences, etc.

    *Working with fixedwidth files, things to watch out for, for this specific scenario you need to do this, user experiences, etc.

    *Taking your datastream and normalizing it into a relational database. (Just because I still haven't found an answer yet ;-) ).

    *General errror handling options, best practices, user experiences, etc.

    Keep in mind that although some users heavily involved in the project, others are 'ignorant' in that we do not know everything about Kettle/Pentaho Data Integration (and sometimes may not be familiar with ETL or are used to a different ETL tool). Keep it more problem-domain oriented versus pointing to the documentation on one step (the step documentation is usually only 1 page and does not go into detail on how to use the step to solve a problem).

    The samples definately help, but if there was some type of wiki-equivalent to target specific problems (delimited files, fixedwidth files, converting datastreams, validation practices, etc) that would definately help. Not as fun as working with the Kettle clustering, which will be fabulous, but more 'basic' help to increase adoption/usage.

    EDIT: I guess users can now edit the WIKI content, previously that wasn't possible. I will try to add some as I can, something like 'Getting Started: Reading a CSV file', 'Getting Started: Validating your CSV datastream', 'Getting Started: Exporting CSV datastream to your database'.

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    Darren, I have been one of the people rooting for Wiki at Pentaho. However, wiki is a collaboration platform, it made no sense until we all could update the pages.
    That being said, I'm no unconditional Wiki lover. I would like to keep core docs in a more "solid" format.


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