First of all, sorry my poor English!!!
Hi, I wanted to know if there is a possibility of add tutorial for separate installation of each component. I have successfull installed mondrian, but I'm having problems customizing pentaho bi suite.
In my opinion is too integrated and some things are redundant like Mondrian. It's really dificult to configure each datasource, portal, etc, etc. I want to put a dedicated Mondrian server, but pentaho suit wouldn't use it because jpivot and reports don't use XMLA, instead uses embedded mondrian and I have to specify catalog for each connection. This is data dependency problem, against scalability and data logical separation.
It's a great product, I'm so impressed with Kettle, reports and xactions, but I think we need some help to configure each component for stand alone functionality.
I have been working more than a 3 day configuring and I think I need 1 week more to begin a site from 0. But with every new release I can't spend a week configuring new funcionalities and redoing the old configurations.
Demo is Ok for testing but problems begin when you want to customize!!!
There is a way to achieve this?
Thanks you very much and congratulations for this great product