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Thread: Problem passing down a 'copied' field to next step

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    Default Problem passing down a 'copied' field to next step

    Hi there,
    I am using the Select Value step to copy a field into 2 fields
    I have e.g field A coming in from previous step and wanted to be B and C:

    Fieldname Rename to
    A B
    A C

    after doing so, i can preview it without any problems, but when i pass it down to the next step (I have tried text file output and table output)
    I get field C missing...
    is that a bug?
    How can i get around with this?

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    Select value will renamme the field as you see.
    if you want to "duplicate" field A you have many ways :

    1- Java script
    var B=A.getString() (or .get=Number(),....depending of A format)
    var C=A.getString() (or .get=Number(),....depending of A format)

    2- Calculator step

    3- New step LibFormula



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