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Thread: To Center charts and cube

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    Default To Center charts and cube

    Is it possible to center charts and cube?
    Labels on the left are always cut. I'd like also to don't see labels so long under the columns of the charts

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    Default i used HTML tag <center>

    To center the chart, I used the <center> tag in testpage.jsp.
    Look for the comment <!-- render chart --> close to the bottom of the page:

    <!-- render chart -->
    <wcf: render ref="chart01" .... >

    This would place your chart in the center of the display page.

    I guess other tags like <span> wil do the trick either

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    Thank you for reply!!
    I tried to insert that tag but i don't see the result you have said.

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    Default It works for me

    I am sorry it does not work for you, but it is working for me.
    I think is a html issue, maybe is the browser, i do not know.

    try this:

    <div style="margin-left:10%; margin-right:10%">
    <!-- render chart -->
    <wcf:render ..... />


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    Thank you!!! Now it goes well!!!
    The problem i want to solve now is to change the label under each column of the chart, because this is always cut because the length of the label itself.
    Than you very much!!!

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    Default Set chart properties

    Great, I am glad to help.
    I think we are in the 'same wave' (spanish saying).

    In chart properties you can set the 'Axes Tick Label font' to 0, 30, 45, and 90 degrees. The default is 30 but if you choose 45 then it will be fine.


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    Thank you fran!!!
    It is very kind of you!!!!
    In italian we say the same!!!
    Thanx a lot!!!

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