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Thread: XSLT 2 transformations

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    Default XSLT 2 transformations

    I'd like to upgrade the XSLT task to use Saxon instead of the default jdk xslt.
    Saxon supports XSLT 2 whereas the default Xalan supports XSLT 1.0 only. This shouldn't affect any existing task although I cannot garantee this 100% since the jdk uses xalan.
    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Henri,
    The risk is to affect existing process.
    We can already use "external' XSLT process by using "Call shell" job entry.
    Maybe the best way is to add "Combo" like

    -"Use default processor(XSLT 1)" By default
    -"Use Saxon (XLST 2)"

    That way, this cound'nt affect the existing.


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