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Thread: Pentaho for Telco

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    Default Pentaho for Telco


    I'm a new to pentaho and would like to get some opinions on using pentaho for BI for a mobile operator. For mobile operators, the data source would come from CDRs - call detail records.

    I am interested if anyone have implemented this before and whether pentaho will be a suitable solution.


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    Assuming this definition is correct:

    "A Call Detail Record (CDR) (also Call Detail Recording) or Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) in the telecom sector is a file containing information about recent system usage such as the identities of sources (points of origin), the identities of destinations (endpoints), the duration of each call, the amount billed for each call, the total usage time in the billing period, the total free time remaining in the billing period, and the running total charged during the billing period. The format of the CDR varies among telecom providers or programs. Some programs allow CDRs to be configured by the user."

    Then Pentaho has many solutions for working with this data. First, is our ETL/EAI solution (Pentaho Integration) which can read, process, and transform data from a variety of sources such as text files, database tables, excel spreadsheets, etc. Our reporting solution you to report on Pentaho Integration transformations directly.

    You could also use Pentaho Integration to transform the data and load it into proper relational database tables that are more to create reports against. Other possibilities include JDBC drivers that allow SQL queries on text files such as CSV, fixed-length, delimiter-separated, etc.

    Hope this helps,

    Marc Batchelor
    Chief Engineer - Pentaho

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