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Thread: Mondrian Schema Design Incubation Area Now Online!

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    Default Mondrian Schema Design Incubation Area Now Online!

    We are please to announce the launch of a dedicated location for evaluating and contributing to all projects related to graphical Mondrian schema design. This site will provide you with access to download links, details on how to contribute, screen shots, requirements discussion, up to date status on seed projects, and much more. The Mondrian Schema Design Incubation Area can be found at the link below:

    Currently, two seed projects are highlighted on the site:

    Pentaho Cube Designer - a simple, wizard-based approach to building basic Mondrian schemas
    Mondrian Schema Workbench - a designer interface for building and editing existing Mondrian Schemas

    Thanks for taking the time to browse the new area and I look forward to getting your feedback!


    Jake Cornelius
    Product Manager, Pentaho
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    The Schema Workbench ROCKS!!! It's way better than the Pentaho cube designer. In my opinion Pentaho should add plugins to the Workbench to make it more Pentaho BI platform friendly OR alternatively launch this product from the Pentaho Design Studio. The functionality is there, just need to make it more "whole product".

    Haven't played with it enough yet, but one feature that would definitely be helpful is an aggregate designer that helps you introduce/manage aggregates into your OLAP solution. Ideally, it would generate Kettle transforms to create your aggregates (best NOT to use the GROUP By step to create aggregates as it can be more inefficient than just flatfile sort/merge?). Even cooler would be if the workbench could give you suggestions on the best aggregates to create for your design. Or maybe the Workbench could gather stats of usage of the production OLAP solution and make suggestions on the best aggregates based on business usage...that would be killer app!!! Who needs Netezza if you've got a properly designed aggregate strategy!

    my 2 cents!

    Mario Di Giovanni
    Digi Consulting Inc.

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    Thanks for the feedback Mario!

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