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    first of all sorry for my english. Once you have created a cube and you publish and save it there any way to edit ?? I explain, after making a cube you can change it or you have to build a new one ?


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    I also face the same problem..when i once made the cube then publish it. now i want to change the cube later.but i did not find any way to do so.can any body tell me how to change the cube dimensions or measures later
    Thanks in advance

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    Default My solution

    What I have done is the following. I create a simple cube with the new dimension that I want in Cube Designer. You don't need to recreate all of the existing dimensions & measures, just build the new dimension. I then preview the xml on the last page. I cut out the new dimension (everything between <Dimension name="XXX"> and </Dimension>, inclusive) from the preview and past it into the CubeName.mondrian.xml file. One issue that I commonly have is that the CubeDesigner always makes the nameColumn value upper case and quoted. I have to change the value to lower case to match my PostgreSQL column names, which are lower case. This may not be an issue with other databases (or perhaps even with PostgreSQL and a slightly different configuration.)

    To see the new dimension, you need to go to Admin "Refresh Solution repository" and restart the web server (in order to get Mondrian as well as the Pentaho web server, to refresh). If anything does go wrong, look for errors in the command window that is running start-pentaho.[bat|sh] This seems hackish, but it works pretty well and does leverage the Cube Designer to build the XML.

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